Monday, November 27, 2006

alright already. time for a new post.

guess what i'm listening to? only one of the best christmas albums ever...

christmas with the chipmunks!!!

i love it!

ok, anyway, i wrote out a whole "to do" list for this past weekend. things that i really wanted to accomplish and knew that the days off would afford the opportunity. instead... i spent the entire weekend in my pj's, eating leftover turkey and pie, and watching movies. not just any movies, all jane austen classics! if that doesn't give a person some over-inflated ideas of love, i don't know what does. still, it has been one of the best weekends ever!

how wonderful it was to be able to sit home this weekend. it is the first time in a number of years that i haven't travelled for thanksgiving. as a child i spent every thanksgiving in kanab, ut with my whole extended family (read: at least 65 people). we held our dinner in the gym at the church. my grandma always made the driest turkey around, and this weird 3 bean salad that no one ever ate, but it was good times. the day after thanksgiving we would go to the north rim of the grand canyon and cut down our christmas tree, and my grandpa would have it shipped to us in salt lake. it was one of my most favorite traditions. about 10 years ago we decided to have a family reunion in the summer instead, and the thanksgiving tradition somewhat died out. then my parents moved to columbus 5 years ago and since then i've been pretty much on my own for thanksgiving. in the past 5 years (not including this year) i've spent 2 turkey days in las vegas, one in boston, one in southern utah, and one with a bucket of kfc in my cubicle at my old job. this year was a definite improvement.

as is generally the case with most people this time of year, we take some time to reflect on those thing for which we are thanksful. i'm always grateful for so many things, and far be it from me to pass up the opportunity to list them, so to name a few from among the top of the list:
  • my family. i love them more than life itself.
  • my friends, whom i also love dearly.
  • my job and all the opportunities it lends.
  • my home, which keeps me safe, dry, and warm.
  • my car, despite the drain on my wallet, it gets me from here to there.
  • my functioning body: legs and feet that carry me daily, arms, hands, and fingers that make so many things possible, all parts of my head that let me see, hear, and taste, and my mind which generally helps me solve the complex problems of every day.
  • my voice. it seems to bring joy to some.
  • my freedom, and this country.

and the number one thing for which i am grateful is for my testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ which gives me the right perspective to be grateful for all that i have and for the blessing i receive every day. this truly is a wonderful life!

Thursday, November 16, 2006


this morning i awoke to find myself surrounded on all sides by the most cozy bedding in the entire world. happiness! i rolled out of bed and put on a pair of warm-ups and my red sox hoodie, the most comfortable clothes i own. joy! as i walked out of my room i saw the cold, wet, outdoor world and immediately realized the warmth and comfort of my own home. heaven! walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge and found it full of food. grateful! then went upstairs to my office, sat in my chair, and felt the need to share.

i love my life.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

more, you say?

since it takes 976.3 years to upload pictures to blogger, i figured this would be a better way to share...

more halloween.

carri's birthday celebration.

geoff's weekend visit to boston.

and yes, yes, i know that flickr is all the rage. i'm working on it.

Monday, November 13, 2006

godly sorrow

last night for maybe the 3rd or 4th time in my life i cried myself to sleep. or rather, i cried so hard that there was no energy left in me to do anything but sleep. i'm not writing this so that anyone will respond and ask if i'm okay, or whats going on, i'm writing because i want to always remember why i felt the way i felt last night.

on a positive side note, i slept 10 hours last night. yay sleep.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

all hallows eve

ok, ok, more pictures from the actual night of halloween...

scary, scary, scary... yet, so fitting

we are the hottest chicks at the party. i guess marie is a...chick?

my twin

dorothy, scary spice, iceman, and clinton. yeah, we partied.

party, party, party, party

as promised in previous entry, here are the pictures from our wonderful, fabulous, fantastic halloween party...

mary and crystal, comparing recipes no doubt

come on people, her real legs count as 2!


jared is cameron and kylee is dorothy

hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, and oh yeah... hot

your gracioius hostesses (where's the cream filling?)

and if you'd like to see more, click here. (link to be activated shortly... be patient)