Friday, March 30, 2007

my turn! my turn!

more than likely no one cares, but what they hey...

as seen here and here, the game is this: you put your itunes or ipod or windows media player or some ipod wannabe (or even disc man if your still rockin it old school) on shuffle and fill in each scene with the corresponding song, beginning with the first song that starts playing. you can't skip over any songs, you just have to take them as they come.

the following are what i came up with. things got off to an iffy start, but towards the end it was a little creepy how well the songs fit. see for yourself...

opening credits: "never let you go"- inxs
this song has such a long intro that we'd never even get to the words before the credits were over. also, there's a saxophone- don't all opening credits need a saxophone?

waking up: "slow down"- howie day
okay, i can see the day is starting out on the wrong foot...

first day at school: "treat her like a lady"- celine dion
yeah! sheesh! what's a girl got to do to get some respect around here?

falling in love: "winter solstice"- kaddisfly
"i am becoming ever more aware..." that this is my love life- a wintery solstice.

fight song: "space dementia"- muse
what's more frightening than a dementia? meh- muse always gets my blood pumping.

breaking up: "i slept with someone in fall out boy and all i got was this stupid song written about me"- fall out boy
no joke. this is the song that came up. i don't even know what to say.

prom: chapter 53 of "great expectations"- charles dickens
when are there not great expectations for prom? did i mention that i slipped in some water and fell at my prom? didn't expect that.

life's ok: "where is the love"- celine dion
you sing it celine. actually, i'm embarrassed that this is the 2nd celine song to come up. i wish this activity was proving me to be cool.

mental breakdown: "tourniquet" - evanescence this is worse than i thought.

driving: "shoot the moon"- norah jones
i can't drive well at night. oncoming lights bother my eyes.

inner smile: "the runaways"- anberlin
okay, okay, i admit it! i'm addicted to america's next top model- you got me! i'm so ashamed!!!

flashback: "kiss from a rose"- seal
oh man, i hated this time of life. horrible flashback. make it stop.

getting back together: "love is a crime"- anastasia (from the soundtrack to "chicago")
amen sista.

wedding: chapter 25 of "great expectations"- charles dickens
hopefully my expectations have gotten a bit more grand than they were for prom...i'm just sayin...

birth of a child: "all creatures of our god and king"- mormon tabernacle choir
and a creature of me! appropriate.

final battle: "all the joy"- rachel mccartney
a wonderful look back at all things good. or, well, it's a rockin song.

death scene: "i hear noises"- tegan and sara
some people see the light, i hear the noises...

funeral: "she has no time"-keane
no, she certainly doesnt.

well, that was fun.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

i, literally

okay, sorry, yesterday's post was a little heavy. my bad.

last night i had a dream that i had to make the decision to give up either ice cream or slurpee's for the rest of my life. luckily, i woke up before i had to make the fateful choice.

that was the worst nightmare i've ever had.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

confession # something

i once almost married someone.

that's kind of weird to admit on a blog, but i want to remember that today i am feeling really grateful that i didn't. sometimes i miss him, or at least the idea of him, but we were not the right people for each other and i know it would have been a great disservice to us both.

that's pretty much all i have to say. relationships blah blah blah....

Sunday, March 25, 2007

this is what we're doing right now...

and yes, that's a look of true terror on rachel's face.

Friday, March 23, 2007

feeling hot, hot, hot!

the bahamas...
looked a lot like this:

and the water was clear and beautiful like this:
and as we walked along the beach we saw this:
then sitting on a dock we looked down to see this:
um...we looked like this?
okay, maybe more like this:
we spent a heck of a lot of this!
but when it was all over, we were like this:

and now for a more thorough report:
date: march 15th- 19th, 2007
place: nassau, bahamas
reason: none in particular
we arrived in nassau around noon on thursday, march 15th and took an extremely overpriced taxi to our hotel. we would soon learn that overpricing wasn't limited to transportation, but was actually a common occurrence among every consumable good from the vending machine to the hotel we were staying in. this was lesson 1 in the bahamas.
lesson 2 was soon to follow, which was that everything runs on bahamian time; at least 1 hour slower than u.s. time (which i guess is more like 2 hours slower than east coast time). i'm not talking about time zones, but rather the pace at which everything moves. after changing into shorts and t-shirts we wandered over to a little shack of a restaurant on the beach to get some food. the service was not bad, our waitress was friendly, but if during the process of putting in our order, delivering our food, and getting us the check she had moved any slower she might have been going backwards. what should have been a quick, maybe 30 minute meal became an hour and a half ordeal. not once was our water refilled. okay, point taken.
lesson 3 occurred concurrent with lesson 2 which is that the men in the bahamas are extremely friendly and flirty. when the waitress approached us about the bill she said, "that man over there will take care of you." of course we assumed we would pay the man over there. it wasn't until we stood up and turned around and realized she was talking about the customer that had been sitting at the bar ( the same one who sang along with every single song that played on the radio) as being the man that would "take care" of us. a little embarrassed and confused, but mostly flattered we thanked him as we walked out. in his bahamian accent he said, "you ladies enjoy your vacation." ...!!...
so lessons aside, we spent all of our time sleeping in, swimming, and basking in the beautiful sunlight and reading all day on the beach (i started and finished the book life of pi in 3 days. bnb 4ever!). we were able to wander into downtown nassau where the streets are lined with all kinds of high end clothing and jewelry stores which somehow thrive despite the fact that black market replica's of almost everything in the stores can be purchased at the straw market at one end of the street. In that area it's nearly impossible to find any decently priced meals-refer to lesson 1-and the streets are packed with tourists from all over the world. it wasn't until sunday as we took a 45 minute jitney (bus) ride to the outskirts of the island to go to church that we saw the real culture of the island. it reminded me of guatemala. at night we watched movies on my laptop and fell asleep to the sweet sounds of underage spring breakers partying at the pool below us. in the morning (okay, early afternoon) we awoke to the sound of a parade going down the street and steel drums playing the tune to "feeling hot, hot, hot!" all in all it was pretty awesome.
so, my overall impression of the bahamas was this... although it was a good time, it was waaaaaaay to expensive for what it was. granted, we were on the main island (the capital) which is bound to be more dirty, more expensive, and more populated than other islands. if you're going to go, may i recommend a different island than nassau. also, and this will explain why none of my peeps got any gifts, unless you have hundreds of dollars to blow on stuff for friends, don't expect to get anything for anyone. on that same note, if you want to shop because you do have hundreds of dollars to blow on yourself or people, this might be the place for you. but you probably don't, cause if you're reading this it's because i know you (well, maybe) and i don't think i know anyone who has hundreds of dollars to blow, but if you do let me know and i'd be happy to be your tour guide for the bahamas.
until next trip.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

because she won't share

and i think it's brilliant:

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

not to mention...

there are a few things i need to recount from this weekend past...

friday: i can't remember much except that i worked from my bed all the live long day. it rocked. oh yeah, then there was that "win a date" thing at the church, where everyone who went felt the need to come up with some excuse for being there (i went to support ky) was...uh....anyway...

saturday: climbing. not just climbing- OUTDOOR climbing! hooray! it was a toasty 45 degrees on saturday so of course we (marie, bryce, katie, other guy, and gil) headed out to the quarry to get our climb on. we roped up in 2 different places on this rock face, one more challenging than the other, and did each route a few times each. then, when it was all over i cleared the route by climbing to the top, over the ropes and the top of the cliff, and unhooked all the gear, than threw it down to the people below and hiked back down. it was freaking awesome!!!!!

sunday: i was told that i'm not allowed to blog about this. so i'm not going to tell you that i went to the e.r. with someone (for the sake of discretion we'll call her m.,no...marie t) but anyway, i'm not going to tell you that someone else came (p. criddle) and someone else (p. deming) to keep us company and that we smuggled disgusting hospital cafeteria food into the room, then left without much of a resolution... but you didn't hear that from me.

monday: yes, i know that's not a weekend day, but still- it's worth mentioning. last night the roomies and me and our honorary roomie, marie, went to ikea! we ate meatballs then walked around and bought unnecessary stuff. it was a blast as usual, except that marie got sick. looks like meatballs are off the menu for her wedding.

tuesday: (because this just happened) i found a new love. it's an audi s4. why, brian, why? this is a v8 4.2 liter, 340 hp...are you serious? anyway, top down/music blasting, we cruised out to concord at about 90 mph. it's a beautiful day and a beautiful car. sigh.

ok, i'm done.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

who's on youtube?

Thursday, March 08, 2007

a ugoogoly

dear friends and family,

i'd like to take this opportunity to ask for a moment of silence for the cheat, who left us on tuesday march 6th, 2007 at approximately 12:47 pm. survived by his loving owner and many passengers, he will not soon be forgotten.

the decision to sell the cheat was not an easy one, but was made after much consideration to the fact that keeping him in boston was like keeping a golden retriever in a high rise apartment. horrible roads and traffic in our great city were just too stifling to the thousands of dollars of work and modifications previously done for increased speed and the cheat's innermost desire to be driven fast. sweet releif was rarely found save for the tiny stretch of frontage road on either side of route 2 in belmont. still, it was not enough to satisfy the beast and feeling it unfair to keep him around any longer, he was taken to ohio last weekend where he was sold at the auto auction to a loving dealership who will no doubt find him a more appropriate home. a home where he will be free to be as fast and reckless as possible, endangering lives all around- just as he was intended to do. sigh.

i can't say i won't miss him dearly. i can say, however, i won't miss dropping at least $500 every time he goes to the shop for some reason or another. i won't miss scanning the streets for every tiny pothole coming my way, and i wn't miss worrying about damaging the ground effects every time i pull out of my driveway. and though it may surprise you, i probably won't miss the flames either.

some may wonder, are the days of fast cars and easy men* over for me? perhaps for a time. of course, there's always that z3 i love so much...

*don't worry mom and dad, it's just a joke.

Monday, March 05, 2007

i am an island

guess what world?
i am not a rock.
for the most part, i hide my emotions well.
i deal with stuff on my own.
i bottle things up.
then sometimes i break.
and i hurt people because i am selfish.
then i cry. a lot.
and i feel
incredibly lonely.
and the loneliness increases because of my rebellious nature.
"let me come to that conclusion on my own," i say.
even though i already have.
but i hope that someday i grow up.
and maybe in the meantime, you can love me anyway?

Friday, March 02, 2007

less is more

some may wonder why i removed my last two picture blog posts. the truth is, i don't like they way they look. i think they take up too much space and probably everyone that i would want to see them has at this point.

plus, it's my blog and i'll do what i want so back off! :)

ok, really- i'm just tired of people mistaking me for clark gable.