Friday, June 13, 2008

your mom

i love sporting events. i especially love boston sporting events. and i most especially love the celtics and the red sox. since yesterday was pretty much an epic day for bosports (the celtics record setting comeback for the win against the lakers in game 4 of the finals, and a killer win for the red sox which included a grand slam by lowell), i should be jumping for joy today, right? well, unfortunately it's a bittersweet happiness as i grieve over the fact that i 1) had a ticket to the red sox game which i gave away, and 2) don't have t.v. and therefore sat around doing basically nothing last night while others sweat over and celebrated the celtics victory in real time.

you may be asking, "what would posses a person to voluntarily give up a chance to see the red sox?" or maybe, "how could anyone miss
any finals games?" to which i would probably reply, "your mom!" and then realize that the answer is actually "my mom." yep, she's back in town for the second weekend in a row, and being the good daughter that i am, i opted to play tour guide rather than sports fan last night. big. mistake.

it should be mentioned that my mother never asked me to give up my plans for her benefit, and she'll probably feel bad when she reads this. sorry ma, you know i love ya more than my luggage.

the worst part now is having to hear the incessant replay's from both games, not only from everyone in my office, but multitudes of random people outside as well. based on the sheer number of discussions i heard about one game or the other while walking through the city at lunch, it's safe to conclude that i'm the only person in the state who didn't see either. ok, lesson learned- always choose sporting events over family. wait, what?

do you feel sorry for me yet? well, don't bother. i was fortunate enough to actually attend game 1 against the lakers, so i already know i have no room to complain. now you're mad. i get it. please at least refrain from throwing raw tomatoes.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

and your lovely hostess, little debbie

as i was running out the door this morning, sans lunch, the new found spendthrift in me took over and guilted me back in the door to make a lunch. too rushed to go all the way to the kitchen, i looked to my oft secondary source of food in a hurry: the 72 hour kit. cup of noodles was on the top. cup of noodles was my destined lunch for the day. and lets be real- in an emergency situation, where am i going to find a microwave?

flash forward 5 hours to right now, and ask if i'm regretting that choice. answer: not at all. in fact, as i downed what could be considered the worlds least healthy lunch, i contemplated the number of "foods" out there that neither a)carry nutritional value or b)are comprised primarily of real food, but that are still a)undeniably delicious and b)totally worth consuming from time to time. things like twinkies and oreos, sugar cereals and hot dogs, and even the occasional box of kraft macaroni & cheese, to name a few. this is the stuff kids used to grow up on, am i right? well, at least the stuff poor kids grew up on...

anyway, the point is that we all have our own disgusting food delight, and i want to know about yours. i've more than overshared about what i can get into, so now it's your turn. come on www, i want to hear what hostess delights hide under your bed...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

fresh fish

may 29th was my last post? boo on me. hello? hello readers? are you still out there? meh.

so this is my life right now: on a weekly basis i spend a day or two on the cape (which my dad referred to as "the cod". no dad, stick with "the ohio" and leave the nicknaming to the natives) engaged in marketing and recruitment activities for our offices down south. yesterday i arose at the lovely hour of 5 am to be to a power-tools show at a local hardware chain at 7 am, where i would be helping set up and man a recruitment table. i was a bit worried to find that the event was outdoor seeing as the forecast was calling for the low 90's yesterday, and by low 90's they must have meant highest 90's as indicated by the "99" that appeared on the thermometer, but heat wave aside, the event actually turned out to be pretty fun. first of all, the majority demographics of those attending a power-tool show are nothing to complain about. i'm just saying, if you're a girl and you've ever walked past a construction site, you know what i'm getting at here...oh don't look at me like that. also, the store had a barbecue for the attendees, so i pretty much spent the entire day getting a tan, eating hamburgers, and chatting it up with some men folk. i casually mentioned to someone that sometimes i like a hot dog straight from the package in the fridge and had another guy perk up and ask if i liked sports and if i was married. might have been the best moment of my week, and heat wave aside, i think there are probably worse ways to spend a work day.

on a more important note, summer has unofficially officially started now that i've had my first night swim at walden. last saturday's intense heat was enough to drive anyone to extreme measures of keeping cool, and ours was to brave the still chilly waters of thoreau's old stomping grounds. it. was. perfect. the only tiny, minuscule hiccup to my every walden experience is this nagging fear that we'll take a moose by surprise as we tromp through the pitch dark woods, and be mauled to death by it's antlers. pretty gruesome, i know. i can't help being a worse case scenarioist in my head- and i'm sorry in advance for instilling this same fear into any who frequent the place late at night. it's probably completely unfounded. are there even moose at walden?

the problem with blogging infrequently is that by the time you get back to doing it, there's too much to say for one blog post. partly because no one likes epistles, but also because you are blogging at work and have a meeting with your boss in 5 minutes. or maybe that's just me.