Friday, June 13, 2008

your mom

i love sporting events. i especially love boston sporting events. and i most especially love the celtics and the red sox. since yesterday was pretty much an epic day for bosports (the celtics record setting comeback for the win against the lakers in game 4 of the finals, and a killer win for the red sox which included a grand slam by lowell), i should be jumping for joy today, right? well, unfortunately it's a bittersweet happiness as i grieve over the fact that i 1) had a ticket to the red sox game which i gave away, and 2) don't have t.v. and therefore sat around doing basically nothing last night while others sweat over and celebrated the celtics victory in real time.

you may be asking, "what would posses a person to voluntarily give up a chance to see the red sox?" or maybe, "how could anyone miss
any finals games?" to which i would probably reply, "your mom!" and then realize that the answer is actually "my mom." yep, she's back in town for the second weekend in a row, and being the good daughter that i am, i opted to play tour guide rather than sports fan last night. big. mistake.

it should be mentioned that my mother never asked me to give up my plans for her benefit, and she'll probably feel bad when she reads this. sorry ma, you know i love ya more than my luggage.

the worst part now is having to hear the incessant replay's from both games, not only from everyone in my office, but multitudes of random people outside as well. based on the sheer number of discussions i heard about one game or the other while walking through the city at lunch, it's safe to conclude that i'm the only person in the state who didn't see either. ok, lesson learned- always choose sporting events over family. wait, what?

do you feel sorry for me yet? well, don't bother. i was fortunate enough to actually attend game 1 against the lakers, so i already know i have no room to complain. now you're mad. i get it. please at least refrain from throwing raw tomatoes.


Linda said...

not to mention how hard it is to actually get red sox tickets EVER let alone Celtics playoff tickets. Wow Ju!! I hope one day I can give them away because my mom's in town!!

Erin:) said...

hey ms. C or perhaps ms. blog slacker is more approporiate for today, i want a new post!