Tuesday, July 01, 2008

30 days

here's an announcement: i'm moving. but that's old news, right? well,
what you might not know is that today marks the beginning of the
end-at least in my mind. i've got 30 days left to pack in all the east
coast action one person can handle. luckily, there's not much I
haven't done. come on, try me. if nothing else, i could use some
suggestions. be ye warned, i'm making you do it with me.

another announcement: i've been a bad blogger Q1 and Q2. i plan to
change that by posting a different boston memory or east coast
favorite moment every day until i leave. a hefty endeavor, no doubt,
but in doing so i hope to kill two birds: restore my readership's
faith in me, and pay tribute to this amazing place i will always call
home. so stay tuned.

p.s. no birds will actually be harmed in the making of these blogs.


Nat Attack said...

Are you sure? It's not too late to harm birds... SIGN ME UP.

The Barbers said...

Wow are you really moving in a month! Crazy. We need to get together and go to lunch when you come back! Are you sure you want to move from Boston to SLC :(