Sunday, July 20, 2008

10: eat up

why does food show up on this list so often? maybe because going out to eat is just what we do around here. plus, it's all so good! in honor of #10 on the list, and to avoid getting lazy and blogging one of these each day until i leave, i'll just list my top 10 favorite restaurants in boston (in order of preference):

10. mr. crepe
9. au bon pain
8. anna's taqueria
7. felipe's
6. cafe of india
5. mr. bartley's
4. spike's
3. viga
2. boca grande
1. the greek corner



Nat Attack said...

3 of your favorite places are technically the same place, aren't they?

BTW, I think you forgot the place we had dinner in London and the Panera by my house. And our most favvvvvvvvorite pizza place.