Friday, July 11, 2008

21: hearting n.y.

some might say that if you've never experienced the fung-wah bus (china town boston to china town new york) then you've never truly lived. i say you've not only lived, but you've also increased your chances of living. i will not be missing the fung-wah.

however, proximity to new york (and relative ease of getting there) is definitely something worth missing. new york is one of those places that so many people dream of going to in their lifetime, and i've had the great fortune (or mis-fortune depending on the events that transpire during the trip) of going there multiple times. lucky for me, my final (pre-move) voyage to the big apple was amazing, leaving me with a good feeling towards the city. also, we didn't have to ride the fung-wah, so perhaps there is a correlation.


j said...

Cute picture. Also, its becoming increasingly more likely that I will end up in NYC for a year.

Erin:) said...

ju your beautiful!!

+AM+ said...

it's a good thing my name isn't wes right? because in provo, i am part of that crew of byu grads who heads off to business/dental/medical/law school. haha.

i think if it were an arizona blog, the husband's name would be:

brad/david/eric/cody (BDEC)

because i have bunches of those names in my phone.


i heart nyc too. keep it rockin