Monday, July 28, 2008

3, 2, 1: blast off

yeah, i realize i cheater cheated my way through the last 5 of this list of 30, but i guess that's what happens when you don't have a computer or any time to do anything in the final hours of life as you know it. meh, here's my final three...oh, and p.s. i'm already gone.

3- the waaaaaaard

it's been said that boston is the place where misfits belong. i don't recall who said that, but it was said and i agree, and there's no exception to this rule in the mormon community. i love, love, love the randomness that exists in our relatively small group, and though this kind of self-contained community presents challenges from time to time, i'd take it over, ahem, day. munch 'n' mingle aside, i'm sincerely going to miss that bunch.

2- skullvia, chreepy, and deathica

my roommates wicked (literally) awesome halloween names above (i'm ghoulie- he he). these peeps have already been stuck into a few posts on the list, but i have to give one final shout out to them. grills, you're awesome. i like us.

1- and the most obvious thing ever...

to all my incredible friends: you are boston to me. i love you.

welp, i guess that's it for boston huh? its been real, fer real. peace out (before i start crying again).


Skullvia Pierced said...

Ghoulie, I miss you! I've already had several fashion questions and it takes me a minute to realize you won't be home soon to answer them. :-( I'm glad you made it to Ohio safely. And I'm jealous of your parents, who now get to spend time with you when I don't. (Poked-out bottom lip)

Colleenita said...

I love you and I MISS YOU tons already. I sent out an email just now - you know - one those "Do you want to do this with me? ones... and my eyes nearly squirt some because I didn't include you since you're gone! Sad.

Alaina said...

Dude are you gonna be my blind date tonight? Call me if you need help/questions/directions/just to chat :) 735-6467