Tuesday, July 08, 2008

24: like sailors

this is not a post about my roommates, per se, because they probably
deserve a post that takes more than 5 minutes to write. this is just
about one aspect of my living situation that i'll miss

let me clarify up front; none of us go around cursing up a storm in
front of small children or anything, but sometimes the casual swearing
around this joint comes all too naturally. plus, we've all adopted the
parry's heirarchy of swears (ask her about it sometime-it's truly
fascinating), and generally keep it on the lowest tier, so none of us
should be going straight to hell. most often the swears are in context
of quotes, so that's ok too, right? in fact, parry called me a jack
ass thrice tonight under the guise of quoting a canadian sitcom. Maybe
she meant jack ass eh?

11:55 so i better hurry up and publish so as to keep on the straight
and narrow. sorry dad for all the swearing. i learned it from mom.


Sylvia said...

Let ME clarify up front:

We don't all subscribe to C-t-P's swearing hierarchy. I think the SH word is worse than the D word and the H word, while she thinks the opposite because D and H are "Biblical swears" and SH is "just crass." I think we're all pretty much agreed on the other ones, though.

"Jackass" is one word.

C-t-P wasn't actually quoting the Canadian sitcom - rather, she was imagining things one of the characters might say. So she was swearing sans excuse, and thus, she is going to H.

Finally, lest any of your more innocent friends be appalled and deceived, we do not swear casually. There is always much feeling behind the swears. None are superfluous.

Except C-t-P's. But then they're just crass.

Erin:) said...


ju said...

syl- i only said i used the word, i never said i could spell them.