Wednesday, July 02, 2008

30: dangerous curves ahead

i came up with the idea of my 30 day blogging while doing the following activity, so i think it's only fitting that it goes down in history first.

the other night seth and i took a drive. this is not uncommon for us, hence, one of my favorite boston activities. the evening was beautifully warm and clear and we zipped through the backwoods of concord, sudbury, and maynard with the top down, the wind whipping through the car, and the music blaring an almost eerily matching soundtrack to the activity. at one point i laid the seat all the way back so that i could stare up at the stars through the frame of the trees overhead. it's always a good time, but that particular experience was nearly transcendental. if you've never done this, you really should.

day 1- check. think i can keep this up?


K. Marie Criddle said...

September's coming soon...I'm pining for the moon...