Sunday, July 20, 2008

12: more lies

*as it turns out, the blog count down has been misleading about the number of days i have left in boston. partly because i moved my departure date up, but also because frankly, i can't do simple math. good luck to me in business school. anyway, i'll have to post a few tonight to make up the difference. read: tonight's entries will be short and to the point.*

number 12 belongs to the boston public library, which is not only the oldest library in the country, but is also an amazingly beautiful structure complete with lion statues and wall murals. i spent many a good hour at the bpl preparing for the gmat, of which at least 1/3 of my time was spent just staring at the walls and ceiling- not out of boredom, but out of complete awe for it's beauty.

i once heard that because of the weight of the books, the bpl sinks into the ground a fraction of a fraction of an inch every year, but that could be a total lie. either way, feel free to spread it around or put it on your blog for everyone to read.