Wednesday, July 25, 2007

my house is a very very very fine house

today i will write about my house in salt lake city. why? oh, i don't know, maybe because i've become acutely aware of it as of late due to the busted waterline that's been filling my basement with water for the past 5-days, of which my renters failed to tell me about until yesterday.

anyway, so this is my house. it's located in the historic district of salt lake, is about 107 years old, and ugly as all get out from the outside. don't let the greek flag appearance throw you off, it's actually a pretty cool place. please, come inside with me...

this is the front room. it looks a little bare since this is post-move-to-boston photography. actually, it was always a little bare, but is my favorite room in the house at a certain time of day when the sun pours through the window and warms the couch perfectly. it made for a great reading room. i miss it.

this hallway connects the back bedroom to the front room, and there is a bathroom in-between. neither of those rooms are interesting enough to warrant their own picture, though i will mention that the shower in that bathroom has 3 different shower heads, one from the side, one from the front, and one from the back. so that's pretty cool. the yellow makes me happy. yellow=cheerful.

upstairs is the "master" bathroom with this huge jetted tub that seems to impress people. i hate baths. waste of time in my opinion, and the thought of soaking in my own grime just doesn't appeal. maybe i shouldn't admit that i'm grimy. oh well.
the best part of this room though is the view out the window. it looks out over the backyard of mine and the surrounding properties, and also onto my apple tree, which produces the best apples in the world. i miss that too.
back downstairs, the front room connects to the dining room, (and the knee bone connects to the shin bone) which is the first room you enter in the house. in the corner on the left you will note my beloved piano, and in the right, my amazingly resilient palm tree. i'm pretty sure i watered that thing, maybe, once every 3-4 months, but it's still going strong!
oh, and that's cafe rio on the table- my 9th love in life.

beyond that lies the kitchen. this is one view and below is another. it was here that i developed my love for cooking. maybe it happened here because the 5' x 7' apartment kitchens i'd been dealing with for years previous just didn't scream "hey! come spend time in here!" and my mom's kitchen growing up only represented dishes duty.

nevertheless, you can see how having two, count them, two ovens and loads of counter space might have increased my appetite (pun intended) for cooking.

and last, but definitely not least is my favorite room in the house- the laundry room. odd? yes, but the lime green soothes my soul and i love it. please take a moment to notice the shelf upon which a bunch of crap is piled. my brother installed said shelf so that we could put the tv there and watch it while doing laundry. subsequently, this room got the most attention.

anyway, this post is boring and i've got a flooded basement. better go.

Friday, July 20, 2007

totally worth blogging

this is the final message i got from my little brother on gchat today:

Geoff: okay your about as exciting as a marmoset to talk to, so im gonna sign off. Love you bye

charming, isn't he?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

originally untitled

for some reason it won't let me put a title on this. hmmm.

rachel requested a new post. and since i like to give rachel pretty much anything she wants, here we go.

i couldn't think of anything to blog about, so i'm going to blog about my blog. i looked up what i wrote about on this day last year, which can be found here, as well as one year prior to that which can be found here. both entries speak to some pretty significant experiences in my life and i'm feeling a little more ok about the fact that i found 3 journals last night that had all been started and quitted only a month or two later. is quitted a word?

i've been asked by a few people "why blog?". to those people i would say, "why not blog?" not necessarily because i think that is a valid answer, but because people tend to get stumped when you answer their questions with a question. while they're scratching their heads in search of a response, you can run away or stuff a candy bar in your mouth to prevent further discussion.

so to you my friends (and creepy person who googled "seagull procreation" and was sent to a previous post), tell me- why blog?

Monday, July 02, 2007

i am eeyore

if you want to read what some psychologists have said about me, here it is:

they're actually quite accurate.

if you want to find out what they have to say about you, go here:

good luck.