Thursday, May 29, 2008

stardate: this morning- 8 am

raise your hand if you're sick of me posting pictures of the beach!

Friday, May 16, 2008

"hey colleen, i have an idea...let's post the worlds worst pictures of ourselves on the internet."

the other night we had the lovely privilege of getting made-over (is that a word?) by the uber talented dr. dre "mac is my middle name" newton. the girl is a makeup genius who has offered to share her magic with the less visionary. she's also a total blast to be with and seeing as colleen and i both know how to spot a good thing, we took her up on the offer.

so here's a prime opportunity for c and i to give up all pretense, and to put aside propriety for the benefit of, well, who knows what. behold, the infamous before pictures! of course, we tried to look as pathetic as possible. think it worked? don't answer that.

we know, we know, the above images will haunt your dreams forever. but never fear! a dash of color here, a little mascara there, and, um, a little comb through the hair and we're saved!

so there you go. thoughts? suggestions? think we should hire dre full time? think that make-up is a little too fancy accompanied by my old cardigan? any guesses on where we went to show off our new look? do we at least get a few points on for being gutsy enough to post those before pics? (shudder, shudder...)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

a fire inside*

i'm starting this blog at 10:15 am and planning to post my most random of thoughts throughout the day until i get bored enough with myself and decide to just publish. the prospect of this type of post may be incredibly unappealing to some, but i feel like there hasn't been much original thought on here lately, and i kind of miss myself. anyway, as i've said before- it's my blog and i can do what i want.

yesterday i was in the worst of moods, for no particular reason. today i have that "world is my oyster" feeling i get sometimes when i realize how amazingly awesome my life is. sorry, world, for not treating you better yesterday.

there sure has been a lot of death and destruction throughout the world lately. myanmar, china, the better part of the middle east- honestly, what have i got to complain about? despite my bad moods and intermittent selfishness, humility and gratitude for my blessings are not completely lost on me.

the above thoughts were kind of heavy. on a lighter note, i think my new toothpaste has a mildly numbing effect. 3 hours later and i still can't taste anything.

does anyone think it's wrong to want to plan future housing based on proximity to a red box?

my roommate and i recently visited the edward gorey house museum on the cape, where i purchased one of my favorite posters of all time- a picture of the gashlycrumb tinies. this is a brilliant book about 26 children (each one representing a letter of the alphabet) who meet their demise through some seriously unfortunate circumstances. delightfully dark and creepy, just the way i like it. what? it helps kids learn the alphabet! don't judge me.

last night i had one of the best steaks of my life.

nat's sister, alaina, is an a-maz-ing photographer. this is not meant to be a plug (though it could be for all my utah friends out there!), i just can't get over how good she is. check her out:

at 3:00 today i'm going to talk to my boss about my future here. it's going to be pretty intense and i'm fairly nervous. i'd say to wish me luck, but it will be over by the time you've read this. so thanks for nothing.

i've got family coming for 12 straight days in june. to say i'm excited would be the understatement of this fiscal year.

most people probably don't see the o.c.d. side of my personality as much as my roommates. funny enough, it's selective o.c.d.; filing away bills, cleaning up while cooking, hair in the sink, paintings hanging straight on the walls- these are a few things i'm completely nuts about. however, cleaning my room, the state of my desk at work, and letting laundry pile up for weeks have only the slightest affect on my psychie. what does this say about me??

my saturday schedule looks like this: powder-puff football game, followed by a finnish sauna experience, and topped off with salsa dancing. that almost sounds like a meal of some sort.

okay, well, i'm getting sick of this browser being up on my computer, so that's reason enough to publish. thanks for tuning in.

*10 points if you know what this is talking about

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

hey, how about i post something other than pictures?

no, i think i'll stick with pictures.

once upon a time my roommates and i decided to take a trip to newport, rhode island, to see some huge mansions. the first house we saw was too big, as was the second, but the third house was...well, too big as well, but we toured it anyway.

once upon a time some good doctors from vermont decided to grace us with their presence. we boarded a boat out to georges island. good times were had by all and there was much rejoicing on land and on sea.

once upon a time laura had a circus birthday party and invited a bunch of clowns. balloon animals and funky costumes were in abundance, and there was happiness and joy all around!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

a shameless, shameless plug

if you've never been to this annual event, then you have no idea what you're missing. come find out tomorrow night at the capitol theatre in arlington. it's for a really great cause. there will also be a silent auction for awesome stuff like red sox tickets, patriots tickets, hand blown glass, and other stuff.

if nothing else, come because you miss the pre-crazy tom cruise.