Tuesday, December 26, 2006

me...i want a hoolihoop

ok, so this trip has actually been really, really hard for me. i know that there were a number of contributors to this, and probably mostly that some of my own expectations weren't met, but there have also been a few things that came out of nowhere which have suddenly put me in a position to make some serious, life altering decisions...

nevertheless, today is Christmas. it was amazing to me how my concerns melted away this morning as i watched my darling nephews dig into their presents and have them turn around and give hugs and kisses of gratitude to their parents and to us. as a family this year we decided not to give presents to each other, but just to get them for the little ones. i'll be honest, it was a little hard to put away all expectations and desires, since we've always had a huge Christmas, but such a good experience to truly be able to focus on the real reason for the holiday, and the importance of our Saviour Jesus Christ. i know that this experience, as well as other life circumstances, truly humbled me this year and gave me a better perspective than i've ever had.

this morning i couldn't help but relate to the Ammon when he said, "Now have we not reason to rejoice? Yea, I say unto you , there never were men that had so great reason to rejoice as we, since the world began..." (Alma 26:35- read it, it's awesome)

truly, i have so many reasons to rejoice which i hold close to my heart. i am so lucky to have been able to be with my wonderful family during this time, and i'm so grateful to be part of an eternal family, for which gift i know there has never been more reason to rejoice.

to all who spent the time alone, including my beloved gefeeee, know that my heart goes out to you and that you were in my prayers. i love you all.

Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

i heart jet blue

could anything have been harder for me than waiting for this day? probably yes, but in particular would have been waiting for this day, waiting all day for my flight, then having it delayed enough to make me miss my connecting flight to slc.

i arrived at the airport this evening right at 5:00 pm. one hour and 20 mins before my flight was to depart. when i approached the curbside check in i was told that i had to go to the desk inside because all the flights to jfk were delayed. i went in, preparing myself mentally that i may not arrive in salt lake until the next day, since i was taking the 2nd to last flight out of jfk, and the last one was a red-eye. when i got to the ticket counter, the woman was so incredibly nice! since my flight was late, she rebooked me on the flight that was supposed to leave at 4:20 today, but was also delayed. so in the end i was able to leave at the same time! i'm now sitting at the jfk airport- with free wireless thanks to jet blue- and waiting for my on time departure. hooray jet blue!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

lead in to the ode

i feel like c-rap.

i have no motivation for anything right now. my roommates are downstairs decorating our house and i have no desire to help. i suck.

today has been really hard for me. church was long and filled with responsibility that i don't feel capable of handling. i experienced some frustration when i didn't get something i really wanted today. all in all, i'm just really down.

the highlight of my day, however, was when i sent my dad a text saying, "hi dad. i love ya." and he texted back almost immediately with, "love you too hack!" (hack being the nickname he uses for all his children). thank goodness for a loving father. and thank goodness for having an old man who embraces technology *the dude even g-chats!*. anyway, it was this experience which inspires my latest ode entry.

this brief moment with my own father gives me an overwhelming sense of love that comes from our Heavenly Father. he may not always reply instantly to our proverbial text messages, but i know he is there, he knows each one of us, and always comes through.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

my new latin love...

la mexicana salsa.
available at market basket in the produce section.
get some. you won't regret it.