Tuesday, October 30, 2007

yankees suck

apparently today is the day to catch up on blogging. and why not, with so many good things going on in the world- especially my world- and especially last weekend. the following blogs recap the past 4 days. that's right, all this happened in 4 days! including....


ohmygosh you have no idea how exciting it is to live in the city of the champions (unless you do live here, or lived here in 2004, or lived in some other city wherein dwell the world series champions of yesteryear, or if you've ever lived somewhere where anyone has won any championship, then you might have some idea of how exciting it is, unless maybe you don't care about sports or winning or maybe you don't care about anything. but i digress.) today the city of boston held a parade in honor of the Sox return to beantown and nat and i used our lunch hour to contribute our beings and our shouts of jubilation to the masses.

here we are just happy to be out of work for a bit. who loves our twinner hats? early b-day present from nat!

we really wanted to jump on this guys back so we could get better pics, but in the end decided he probably wouldn't appreciate that.
this is our small section of the 3 mile parade route, which gives you an idea of how many people were there. honestly, the streets were filled. half of boston must have been out on boylston!

nat's mesmerized by the stars among us. jacoby ellsbury? breath nat, breath.

at the parade i was put in charge of video while nat took care of the pics. video didn't work out so well, mostly because i couldn't stop jumping up and down and screaming for the players. oops. see here for shots of the players themselves.
and for that matter, since nat and i spent the whole weekend together, you can find corresponding updates to my updates on her blog here.

how did this happen?

i dislike cats. how i ended up becoming one last night is beyond me- just proves i'll do about anything for this holiday.

kylee's lookin hot as a flapper.
thank you to these wonderful ladies above (and the rest of their roomies) for the fantastic halloween bash last night! who knew monday night could be so fun?

and thanks, nat, for the fantastic make-up skills! meow!

leaf peeping is not dirty, unless you want it to be

no really, that's what they call it when you look at leaves. um...anyway. new england is the place to be in the fall. if you don't believe me, see for yourself:

thanks to krista and jenny for visiting nat and forcing us out into nature!

it's the most wonderful time of the year!

no, not christmas. halloween! best holiday of the year! i can't begin to express my delight in the season, the parties, the costumes, the...blah blah blah, no one cares about this. give us pictures! ok! here we go:

behold, the 2nd annual park ave creepy night
the humble hosts! skullvia pierced: witch of the south (with critter), deathica haurror: witch of the west, chreepy vamparry: witch of the east, ghoulie howlet: witch of the north
ipod commercial- genius.
me and indiana jones and...um...female character from raiders of the lost ark.
two rockers: steve perry and slash
mitt romney campaigners. they're too busy to look up for a picture.
boo! wait, didn't we all wear this costume in...3rd grade?
me and amy winehouse- look her up. this was my favorite costume, and not just cause i like the person wearing it. the fake tat's are hot, no?
luke skywalker and steve perry
popeye and olive oil
ellsbury's bride- go sox! woot!
lindsay lohan, nicole richie, paris hilton and britney spears
this was one of my favorite group costumes of the night!
we were jam packed for most of the night! crowd 1
crowd 2
crowd 3
there were so many good costumes this year. can't wait for next!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

i felt the pain of public transportation...and sheer stupidity

yesterday. was not my day.

after arriving home from the cape at 11:00 pm on tuesday night, i was a bit dazed wednesday morning. i left for work a bit late, waited at the bus stop outside my house for at least 10 minutes, then proceeded from the bus to the inbound train at alewife. the ride proceeded for another 25 minutes or so, when at the park street stop it hit me: i'd forgotten my computer.

off the train, cross the platform, the doors to the outbound train shut in my face and it pulls out of sight. i wait for 12 minutes for the next, which i hurry onto and arrive in 25 minutes back at alewife just in time to see my bus pulling away. i wait for another 30 minutes for the next bus, arrive home, get the computer and turn back around for my second commute of the day.

i get to work two hours past start time and realize, i've left my phone at home.

the end.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

nerds are not just candy

so i sit here at my desk wolfing down my soup/sandwich combo while frantically trying to complete today's assignment: master a new computer program by 4 pm and teach it to the rest of us. stress. i text nat with a question about smart quotes, and this time it's no joke. she responds, it works, i celebrate. in the corner of my screen a box pops up indicating there is a new email in my outlook. it's today's issue of my daily 'chief marketer' publication and is titled "a beautiful day in the virtual neighborhood". i view the articles and find that today's issue isn't nearly as interesting as yesterdays "what's awol from web 2.0" issue, and even less exciting than the webinar invite i received on demystifying online customer behavior. i'm disappointed. but then another email appears; it's my daily dilbert, and it's a good one.

and that's when it hits me...i'm a huge nerd.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

o to the hio

i've been holding off on a trip update because mary really has the gems of our weekend in ohio on her laptop, waiting to be pieced together into some kind of wonderful blog. (yes mary, this is my foot on your back.)

suffice it to say that we had a great time. somehow it just felt right to be spending columbus day in columbus. we embarked on the usually 12 hour (775 mile) journey on friday night around 7 pm and arrived at my parents doorstep at 9 am on saturday morning. in my opinion we made pretty good time considering we sat for a few hours on the mass pike in stop and go traffic, took a pizza break, stopped every 200 miles for more caffeine, and slept an hour and a half in a parking lot in buffalo. still, we arrived with plenty of time to stretch our legs and prepare to sit a few more hours (well, let's be honest i laid on my bed) and be nourished by the good word. speaking of, wasn't conference awesome?

the weekend continued in the same manner. we left the house only once to go to dsw, and that was subsequently the only time i changed out of my pajamas and into real clothes. it nearly did me in. otherwise, my time was spent sleeping in, lounging on the couches and floor (they have carpet...mmmmm....carpet), watching movies, and partaking of the wonderment that is my mothers cooking. my parents were a delight, grandma was her usual fun 92 year old self, and geoff wasn't around to bother me (jk weff, i loves ya).

on the drive home we stopped in kirtland for a quick tour of some church history sites. this was shortly after we made a completely necessary stop at the local hardees for some hamburgers and fries. what was it, like 10:30 am? but come on, it's hardees! how many times i played in the ball pit of our local hardees as a child i can't count. there was no ball pit, and no fried zucchini, but we did experience the best fast food service this side of the mississippi, not to mention a good look at some sweet mullets. ohio is weird. anyway, and yeah, kirtland was cool too. the best part, which i almost forgot and am sure mary won't mention, was the challenge i gave her to tell me a story about making a peanut butter sandwich. this story, however, had to last for 40 miles. she did it people. let it be known that just when you think things can't get any less interesting, they can. well done, mar.

back on the road after kirtland, we still had about 11 and a half hours to go. deep breath, deep drink from my coke and 90 east for another 600 miles. done up right, mar. done up right.

i've still got 90 East on my mind.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

moon child

one of the great mysteries of life- solved.


thanks, jake

Wednesday, October 03, 2007



last night i had an extremely vivid dream about something so sad i feel like repeating it would be taboo. in my dream i was sobbing uncontrollably. i woke up this morning with wet eyes and a soaked pillow.

does that ever happen to anyone else?

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

a random dump with hidden gems

i am a horrible life historian. these are the only two pictures i took from my weekend spent at camp joseph. it's a good thing that other people often blog my life for me.

on another note, i've been freaking my co-workers out all morning talking about my 72 hour kit. a few of them had never even heard of one before so they are taking the fact that our church leaders have asked us to have one by october 28th as a bad sign. i don't argue with them. one guy has promised me that he'll join the mormon church if anything happens on october 29th in anywhere in the world that would necessitate a 72 hour kit. i don't think he knows what he's promising...

i've been studying for the gmat lately and have been acing the practice tests so far, i'm hoping to stay consistent for the real deal. congrats to seth who just took the lsat on saturday! hooray for wannabe students!

last night i had my 4th ever voice lesson with mary. she's amazing and fun and i think i'd be more frustrated if we didn't spend half the lesson laughing. last night christy said, "hey, i could hear you doing a seal impression upstairs." (referring to the animal, not the singer) um, not encouraging. however, i think some things are starting to click in my brain, which is encouraging. anyway, if my singing profession fails i could always just become a marine biologist, right? thanks christy.

did i mention i'm going to ohio this weekend?

oh, and did i mention i'm going to salt lake in 3 weeks?

ok, lastly, welcome october! you are the best month by far because you house the best holiday of the year. and no, i'm not talking about columbus day.