Tuesday, August 29, 2006

i'll arrest your development...

yet another super successful weekend. read about, see pics, comment here. only sunday was left out, and sunday was definitely worth a word or two. so here's two... or set's of two...

grilled. pineapple.
salmon. mmmm.
sweet. ass. (pronounced "sweedas")
hate. cats.
whipped. cream.
sink. sprayer.
banana. stand.

so the short of the story is that on sunday afternoon i, along with mashed potatoes specialist christy, scrumptious salad superior sylvia, and master grill commander seth, prepared an absolutely fabulous dinner for the elders and some friends which included salmon and grilled pineapple (for which elder curtis did the fruit dance not once, but twice!). it was a huge success with much laughter and enjoyment, especially when christy spelled out the words s.w.e.e.t a.s.s when referencing our ice-cream scoop, which is most definitely a sweet-ass scoop. a mere two hours later i found myself at yet another masterfully prepared meal at kylee and marie's house (what is this, a stovetop commercial?) where i proceeded to tell marie of my hatred for cats and found my mouth full of spray can whipped cream. seth received the same punishment for the same remark. however, arguably the best part of the whole night, was when marie tied a rubber band around the sink sprayer in hopes of soaking some unsuspecting guest and it just so happened that she and i were talking in the stairwell with a perfect hidden view when someone was sprayed not once, not twice, but three times before realizing what was going on. ahh the joy of childhood pranks!

and of course, how can one refrain from mentioning that this wonderful weekend led to the union (for which i will take credit!) of one very deserving young woman, and one lucky s.o.b.

there's always money in the banana stand!

Thursday, August 24, 2006


details of the improv everywhere new york experience here.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

a weekend worth mentioning

warning: my commentary in this entry is not even 1/2 as interesting as the pictures, so feel free to just look and not read...

new york!

of course the weekend deserves an update. seth, marie, and i set out on the fung-wah after a lovely lunch at ruth's chris steakhouse (marie ordered her steak medium! well done marie- pun intended) to visit new york for the weekend. i slept most of the way there while seth and marie unintentionally annoyed the passenger in front of them the whole way. we played a game called (for lack of a better name) "two words and a song" which went something like this:

marie: "synagog"
seth: "bonsai tree"

julie: "hey jude"

it was fun.

we arrived in new york around 8 pm on friday. seth went to his sister's house and marie and i continued on to jareds apartment. after hanging out there for a bit we went to a karaoke bar where marie delighted us with a little patsy cline, jared and his friend john rocked out to bon jovi, and marie and i sang a little alanis morisette.

the next day seth and i met up for breakfast then went to chelsea market, an old biscut factory turned into a shopping center of sorts. the cool thing is that they have kept a lot of the original industrial parts of the factory and turned them into decor like so...

as you can see, i almost fell in!

more comfortable than you would expect.

marie and jared met up with us here and we set out for about 15 hours of walking around new york. on the way we found the following... pictures are self explanitory...

on to more fun... we stopped by a contemporary furniture store for some interior design education. okay, actually we were just tired and hot.

what the jetson's?

everyone liked this chair except marie- she has such old school taste!

it seemed like a good idea...

the rest of the day was spent seeing various sites then participating in an improv everywhere experiment. the details haven't been updated on their website, but it will be worth the wait. click here to see what it's all about and watch for further information to come.

saturday night we went to the metropolitan museum of art, which was awesome. my favorite was the exhibit on british fashion- especially the crow lady (the one thing i've ever known to scare marie)- and the frank lloyd wright room.

the next day after church marie, jared and i went to ground zero, which was a harrowing experience. about 10 years ago i stood at the very top of the world trade center, and it was incredible to be in the same place, but have the buildings completely gone. seeing the site actually fulfilled a need i've had for for a number of years, so it was good.

from there we returned to china town where we ate from a famous icecream place. maybe it's not famous, but it was mentioned in a tour book so we figured it was. marie had sesame ice cream (??? no, it's actually really good if you like your icecream to taste like dinner) which was the most exotic and only flavor worth mentioning. then we met up with seth, who, by the way carried all 4 of our bags from harlem, and got on the fung-wah back home. here are some pics of the ride...

what? it's a good place to store them...keeps you cool...convenient...

marie couldn't handle the smell of the bathroom next to us (the price you pay to sit in the back all together) so she made a nose cover using gum wrappers

all in all it was an incredibly fun weekend. i don't know the last time i've laughed so much. love you guys.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

okay, i guess it is for real

so i've decided that 8 hours of sleep is damaging to me. as a friend pointed out, it's not that my body doesn't like it, it's that it messes with my sleep cycle. true. if i sleep 8 hours one night, i lie awake all night the next. its like my body thinks it has already slept for 2 nights. this was the case last night, so instead of sleeping, i lay awake thinking the following random thoughts:

1. why do we grocery shop on friday night instead of monday... i wonder how to get that changed
2. where will my little brothers next tattoo be, and what will it be?!
3. how would mustard taste on steak?
4. how much is a peck, and how can peter piper pick pickled peppers? isn't pickling something that is one after the picking process?
5. "I'm a pheasant plucker. I am a mother pheasant plucker..."
6. mmmmmmm slurpees
7. ir: voy, vas, va, vamos, vais, van (yeah, like english is the hard language)

and the list goes on. this doesn't happen to me too often, mostly because i rarely sleep more than 4 hours per night, but every once in a great while i have my nights and if i ever do get to sleep i wake up feeling like c-rap the next morning and...

(if i were marie i'd be making the donkey noise right now)

anyway, gatorade rules

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006