Saturday, July 05, 2008

27: el templo

one time i overheard someone telling another person that the big white house on the hill in belmont was mitt romney's house. they were mistaken. mitt romney lives in the big pink house on the hill. the other one belongs to a higher authority.

who would have thought that moving out of utah would put me in closer proximity to a temple? living two blocks from the boston temple has been a blessing in ways i can't begin to express in one short blog. even more so has been the chance to serve as an ordinance worker there for the past year. the experience has helped me gain a deeper understanding and testimony of the importance of the work, in a way that i otherwise would not have been able to. i have long been convinced that one of the main purposes in my coming to boston was to be extended this calling, and i know that it will have lasting affects and will always be one of my favorite parts of my boston life.


Erin:) said...

being a temple worker is A-mazing! however you are moving back to a place that has temples on every street corner, well.. thats a wee bit of an exageration, know what i mean:)

Nat Attack said...

I promised I'd comment.

Thanks for writing this quick enough to put on your clothes so I could get a full look at what you were wearing and plan my outfit to the appropriate fancy-factor.