Friday, June 15, 2007

and we're back.

this blog is brought to you in part because it's just been a while, but mostly because i see that i'm quickly approaching colleens max time allowed for not blogging and staying linked to her page. so in honor of her birthday yesterday, and her one-year boston anniversary today, i blog...

so what's new? a lot. new job, new roommates, new perspective on life. new people, new shoes, new places to eat lunch, and new lunch mates. new gchat friends, new books, new glasses (eek),
new grass, and other new stuff too sacred for this blog. i'm loving it all so much. have i ever mentioned that my life rocks? well it does. remember when i went to alaska 2 weeks ago? yeah, that was awesome (pictures and a blog forthcoming). oh, oh, and remember when i went to seattle for preston and marie's wedding reception and it was fantastically amazing? yeah, i remember that (pictures and a blog forthcoming). my life is honestly chalk full of great stuff, due in part to the fact that i live in boston- pretty much one of the best cities in the entire world- but also because of my fantastic friends and family. now you know i love you all, but i have to highlight a few people in my life for just one sec. first, my mom. favorite moment of this week was when she called to see if carri and i want the 2 trench coats she found in the basement, which she plans to throw out. trench coats. anyway, there's also rachel, who makes me feel like every time i'm in her presence i'm the best thing since sliced bread. and also nat, who gchat battles with me better than anyone i know, and who's company i'm always a fan- no matter the circumstances. the point is, i freaking love my life and that's as much as i have to say right now.


Colleen said...


And you know what? I love you SO much... I'd probably have given you a couple extra weeks. ;)

All the love in my heart,

Nat Attack said...

I love love love gChatting with you. Thanks for your *help* this morning (and last night).

I'm so glad you're back, I've missed the Ju blogs.


Mooney said...

"(pictures and a blog forthcoming)" Don't make promises you don't intent to keep honey.

Linda said...

I love that you're so excited about life and it makes me so excited about life and I have no new job, but Boston rocks! and so does your new trench coat.

you guys said yes, right?