Thursday, July 03, 2008

29: you scream

utah may have a corner on the ice cream consumption market, but the stuff that's worth consuming in mass quantities is definitely made right here in beantown. in order of my preference: herrell's, j.p. licks, brighams, toscanini's, and ben & jerry's. on any given day, and almost at any given hour, you can easily access the most delicious ice cream this side of the atlantic ocean. additionally, if the health nut inside ever prevents you from indulging in your baser senses, you can always find nearly guiltless delight at berryline.

oddly enough, as good as the ice cream is out here- no one seems to know how to make a decent milkshake. go figure.


Shannon said...

Uh, ju, come on, its a frappe, not a milkshake. Just like those things you put on top of your ice cream sundae are jimmies, not sprikles.